Ever since I began gaming, I have found that I am not alone in my insomniac ways.  Before, I was always up working on my business because in all reality… what else was there to do?  I would work and work and work and find myself over time slightly frustrated that all I did was work.  So, I picked up gaming again after a short six month hiatus.

Instead of reaching for The Sims 2 (my default game), I reached to World of Warcraft after a friend’s recommendation.  At first I was impartial… Ya, it was all right but it wasn’t pulling on my heart strings so to speak.  After time though, the WoW haze crept over me and my brain like a slow, rolling fog.

I learned over time that playing online, late at night, isn’t something you need to do or have to do alone… Quite the opposite.  Most of the people I’ve met play from 10pm – 4am and they are happy doing this… I’ve spent many a Saturday night playing until the break of day on Sunday.  When my life doesn’t have things going on it that require my primary attention, there’s nothing like a gaming marathon to set the world right.

I wonder why so many insomniacs turn to gaming… Or, is it that the games make people have insomnia?  I know when I get into a game, being tired is not an option.  I don’t feel it… just like I don’t feel thirsty or hungry either!  It’s a bad cycle that I think needs to be looked at.  Sometimes we get too enveloped in a game that we forget that the minutes, hours and days are passing before us.

I think gaming gives people a reason and a need to stay awake.  With a game like World of Warcraft, there is so much to do and so many social events happening (an instance for example with everyone on vent is a very social thing) that I think people experience that euphoria that most of us get when we are with people who share similar interests to us.  It makes us feel validated.

Another thing I’d love to know is the demographic layout of a game like World of Warcraft… Is it primarily kids in school?  People with jobs?  Self-employed people?  Older people who don’t work?  It’s interesting to me to not only play WoW for the sake of playing WoW but to also analyze people and their rituals and preferences around this game.

It’s pretty clear to me after playing this game for seven months now that for many, this isn’t just a game.  This is a lifestyle and you have to have the lifestyle that supports the play level you are looking to reach.  For some of you it might be just casual play (like me) and for others it manifests in the form of crazy raiding schedules and guild events.  Whatever your style of play though, don’t forget that there is also sleep and food and in-person human interaction and events going on in RL (real life) too.  Keep a healthy balance and both worlds will appreciate you that much more.

Soapbox done… Who’s up for some heroics? ;)

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